School Affiliated to CBSE (Affiliation Code: 2132265 & School Code: 70550 )


The Sri Krishna Academy is a six day week, nondenominational,
holistic curriculum school. The entire assessable
curriculum includes scholastic and key skills training spread over
an 8 period timetable, from assembly at 7.45 am to departure at
2:00 p.m.
This prospectus seeks to provide complete and
comprehensive information about the School, what it stands for
and what it strives to do for those who choose to be a part of it.
Information, however, is dynamic, and will change from term
to term or year to year. When the School deems it necessary,
updates, add-ons or new copies of the prospectus will be
provided as applicable.

To create a CBSE day school as complete in itself as
possible, enabling every individual who is a part of it to meet a
competitive and demanding world and engage with it with
capability and compassion.

To establish all processes, systems and execution so that
the School is seen and trusted to be true to its vision.

The School primarily aims at integral development of every

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